Maritime Law And Shipping Trade

Carriage of goods by sea is indispensable, not only to the global movement of goods in international trade, but in terms of volume and weight it eclipses all other modes of transport—road, rail or air. Maritime transport today is part of a global, intermodal container business, linking factories by road, rail and ship. Özatay & Akdağ is ideally situated to provide you with legal expertise tailored to maritime business, whether you are a ship owner, trader, operator or financier. Our maritime law experts provide legal advice on disputes involving claims for lost, damaged, delayed or hazardous cargo, claims arising out of collisions, personal injury, contract disputes, pollution, claims against vessels, and maritime insurance claims.

We provide transactional advice including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and vessel sales, financing and the full landscape of shipping, logistics, vessel charter, marine terminal, salvage matters.

  • Purchase and sale of vessels
  • Maritime insurance disputes related to collisions, pollution or personal injuries
  • Ship finance and foreclosures
  • Maritime bankruptcies
  • Arrests of vessels and related maritime issues
  • Maritime and logistics contracts
  • International trade and carriage of goods
  • Collisions and other casualty losses
  • Charter parties
  • Environmental regulatory and government