Administration And Tax Law

Administrative lawsuits are lawsuits that execute the transactions of the administration in a certain order and define their limits and protect the rights of the individual. Although the legislation to which this branch of law is subject includes detailed regulations on many issues and protects the rights and interests of the citizens, citizens can be victims at the implementation stage and face many laws.

  • Legal Support for Full Remedy Action,
  • Legal Support for Cancellation of Administrative Act,
  • Lawsuits caused by Malpractice,
  • Legal Support for Cancellation of Administrative Fine,
  • Lawsuits caused by Zoning Law,
  • Lawsuits caused by Expropriating,
  • Lawsuits caused by Confiscating without Expropriating,
  • Lawsuits caused by Urban Transformation.

The scope of tax law is; unrequited and taken with force when necessary; all public revenues under the names of fees, duties, funds, premiums, dues, etc.

  • Lawsuits caused by Tax Errors,
  • Lawsuits caused by Decisions of Commission of Conciliation,
  • Lawsuits caused by Decisions of Valuation Commission,
  • Lawsuits caused by Loss of Tax, Special Irregularity,
  • Lawsuits caused by Evasion of Tax, False Invoice Editing.